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It is with great pleasure that Mohegan Sun is easing its bus restriction to now allow limited Charter buses on property starting on 5/20/21.  However, in keeping with social distance practicing and current Covid protocols, there are some big changes with how buses may travel here.  Paul Revere Transportation will still not be resuming Sunday Line Run service at this time until further notice.

Starting Today (5/19/2021):

• Masks:
o Vaccinated guests arriving at Mohegan Sun will not be required to wear a mask while in the facility.
o Non-vaccinated guests will still be required to wear masks.
o We will not be asking guests to show proof of vaccination and will be utilizing the honor system.
• All guests will still have their temperatures checked upon entry. The eye in the sky will be watching everybody and the Security podium will no longer have someone actively pulling people to have their temperatures checked.
• Restaurant capacity restrictions have been lifted.
• We will still have every other slot turned off and any existing Plexiglas on table games will remain in place.
• Mohegan Sun will still be sanitizing everything just as we have since we re-opened.

Starting June 1st:

• Charters will be dropping off at Sunrise Square instead of the Winter Entrance.
o The long walk from the drop off point to the gaming floor is shortened to about 25 feet.
o Buses that were booked to drop at Winter, will be receiving not only a new Confirmation Number, but also a departure Bay assignment. Buses arriving at the Hotel for pickups/drop-offs WILL NOT be getting new assignments.
o This change impacts DAY CHARTERS ONLY. Multi day charters will continue to be directed to other areas of the property.
• Bay 15 is being reserved for shuttle drop offs with preference going to New London Shuttle, so we are going to be requesting arrivals to use Bay 17 or higher unless otherwise directed.
• After dropping guests, drivers may utilize the Autumn Bus Bays labeled 1-10 (currently Bay 2 has a dumpster in it) to park their buses. If full, drivers will still need to utilize Trading Cove Lot (across from the Employee Gas Station) to park their buses.
o Note: these bays are just outside the Autumn Bus Lobby which remains closed. Doors into the lobby area are locked as they are functioning as “Exit Only” at this time. Drivers can enter the building through the Indian Summer Garage vestibule adjacent to Bay 1.
o Buses staying more than a day will also be required to use Trading Cove for parking.
• Drivers cannot have their buses linger in the bays after discharge.
o As we only have 5 bays to work with, space is tight. Also by parking in the Autumn Bays, drivers won’t have to go too far to park.
• Buses may enter their departure bays for pickup up to 15 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time.
o If a bus is in the bay upon arrival, please wait a few minutes for the bus to move rather than pull into another bay.


What hasn’t changed:

• Bus Marketing remains closed for in person interaction.
o Autumn Bus Lobby, Bus Marketing Counter, and Driver’s Lounge also remain closed.
• All buses will still need to pre-register with Bus Marketing prior to arrival.
o As always, Bus Companies will need to submit proof of Insurance coverage (annually) and show Automobile Liability coverage of at least $5 Million. Companies must also show proof of Workman’s comp or the driver’s medical certificate as well.
• Reservations will be accepted by EMAIL ONLY through
o Reservations must be received the day before the date of arrival by 3:30PM with the exception of bookings for Sunday and Monday. These must be submitted no later than 3:30PM on the Friday before the weekend.
o Reservation must be submitted via the reservation form.
o Reservation must include:
 Name of group.
 Name of bus company
 Arrival Date
 Arrival Time
 Departure Date
 Departure Time
 Group Leader Name
 Group Size
 Group Leader contact number while on property
 If the bus is part of a convention group, please make sure to include that as well.
• 5-hour minimum length of stay requirement remains waived.
o Buses may stay as short as an hour or stay longer but that departure time does need to be included.
o A list of all approved arrivals will be sent to Security and Tribal PD for that day each morning. If a bus appears that is not on that approved list, the bus will be turned away.
o Guests who do not fall within “safe” temperature guidelines will be given a 5-minute cool down and rechecked.
o Guests who do not meet the requirements of both checks will be required to depart the reservation.
 Guest should contact group leader and develop alternative transport home.
 Mohegan Sun assumes no responsibility in providing alternative transportation.
• Group leaders are responsible for coordinating with drivers to arrange pickup times.
• Group leader is responsible for ensuring all members of their party are aboard the bus and accounted for prior to departing.
o Guests left behind will need to work with group leader to arrange alternative transportation from MS.
o Bus Company is responsible for providing alternative transportation only in the event that a driver’s actions prevent the individual from returning on the bus.
 Exceptions to this include, driver’s refusal of guest to travel due to guest being deemed.
• Passenger is visibly under the influence/intoxicated and could pose a medical risk to themselves.
• Passenger is deemed a safety risk to themselves.
• Passenger is deemed a safety risk to those on board the bus (passengers/driver).
o Mohegan Sun is not responsible for providing transportation to those who miss their return connection.
• NO PACKAGES WILL BE ISSUED or Bus Marketing Promotions are being offered to guests.
o All bus related marketing programs have been suspended. This means the following programs ARE NOT BEING OFFERED:
 Packages
 Driver Meals
 Group Leader Momentum Bonus for having 35 passengers or more.
 Bus Voucher purchases.
• Group Leaders should reiterate to group the pickup time prior to disembarking.
• Bus may only remain in place at the entrance while discharging passengers.
• As Mohegan Sun is operating at a reduced mode, not all amenities may be available to guests at the time of arrival. Group leaders are encouraged to check for all the latest availability.
• Once empty, the bus is to park in Trading Cove Lots
o NOTE: No property shuttles are running so drivers are advised they will have to walk if they want to enter the casino.
• Buses found illegally parked are subject to ticket, towing and/or barrment from future reservations.
• Groups traveling to Mohegan Sun acknowledge and accept all risks associated with bus travel and Mohegan Sun assumes no risk on behalf of guest.

I thank all of you for your patience during this extremely difficult time and welcome us back to a sense of normality. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Paul Revere Transportation LLC is a Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy (DTE) licensed bus company with extensive experience in the operation of safe bus transportation for a variety of clients.

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In conducting our transportation services, Paul Revere Transportation is guided by the following:


To provide safe, reliable, professional, and efficient transportation services to meet the needs of its customers. In providing this service, Paul Revere seeks to provide a fair and reasonable rate, seeking ways to reduce costs and increase service efficiencies so that cost savings may be passed on to its customers.


In the provision of its services to utilize new or rehabilitated equipment which will provide a high degree of reliability and customer satisfaction. Paul Revere continually seeks out equipment which is constructed with proven technologies, and which complies with all state and federal regulations. Paul Revere is committed to the implementation of a comprehensive preventative maintenance program which insures that the equipment is kept in top operating condition.

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In hiring employees for the services it provides, Paul Revere is committed to rercruiting a skilled work force with the background necessary to maintain a high quality of service; to provide the training which is needed to help employees achieve high standards; and to pay its employees wages and benefits at a high enough level to ensure Paul Revere maintains a stable work force and its employees are able to achieve a high standard of living.