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Mohegan Sun Line Run Service

Please call us at (617) 889-0344 or click here to visit our schedules page for time changes that will begin on Saturday 3/3/18.

Contact Paul Revere Transportation

For information or comments on our bus services, please use the appropriate email links or telephone numbers listed below.  Please be sure to use the proper link to ensure that your email reaches the proper department.

EZ Ride (Cambridge)
Logan Express (Braintree & Woburn)
(617) 889-5899
Rochelle Gorcheck

Logan Airport Terminals Shuttle Bus
(617) 889-1888
Debbie Tavernese

Logan Express (Back Bay)
(617) 889-1888
Anthony Watford

Masco (LMA Shuttle)
(617) 445-4334
Michael Fonseca

UMASS Boston Shuttle
(617) 445-4334
Kevin Kwok

CDM/Kendall Shuttle (Cambridge)
Shaw’s Market Shuttle
(617) 445-4334
Fred Jones

Charter Bus Requests
(617) 889-0344
Chris Kramek

Grand Canyon Bus Service
(928) 638-0591
Sharon Cann

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